"A big sound from a little island." 
-Raina Douris, Mornings on CBC Music 

"But even in heartbreak, Beck’s voice is strong, reassuring. It’s what ties together her piano-pop melodies, a call in the dark that provides a safe place to land." 
-Holly Gordon, CBC Music

"Beck clearly establishes herself here as a force to be reckoned with, both as a songwriter and as a performer ... There is a lovely sense of balance to this record. The instrumental tracks are top-drawer, but they never overpower or take the focus away from Beck’s vocals. And those vocals are superb."
-Doug Gallant, The Guardian Newspaper

“Here's the voice we need on those days when nothing's right and everything sucks and people are lousy.  Rachel Beck's compassion and heart shine through each song, a little musical healing for us all.  Gentle, made mostly from piano, strings and voice, the power's in the humanity and understanding she puts in her songs.” 
– Bob Mersereau, Top 100 Canadian

"Rachel really knows how to jam with her contemporaries and how to bring an audience together, as she gives her all on both musical and personal levels, creating an atmosphere that is at once seductive and celebratory–an invitation to joy." 
Lynn Ann Bradley, Lulu Demaine

Short Bio

Glowing with catchy pop hooks, Rachel Beck’s distinctive piano melodies and emotive vocals are captivating audiences across Canada. The PEI songbird’s first single, Reckless Heart, hit #1 on the CBC Music Top 20 in March 2018 after earning the most online votes for six weeks straight. Beck’s multi award-winning debut lures the listener into an ethereal and enveloping soundscape, as the songs take one on a trek across a wide emotional range – from regret and grief to wonder and joy.

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